automation and mass production

Who we are

We are a fast growing Czech company of young people, engineers devoted to the innovation, the implementation of new technologies, mainly in mass productions - automotive, food, electronic industries.
More than 10 years experience gives us (and to our customers) an advantage, benefit for professional cooperation. We always bring our customers new different look, perspective with never ending focus on high quality of products, services.
Our company TechSense s.r.o. is a combination or mixture of substances: people - technology - nature.

...we´re looking forward to discovering your new project

What we do

We´re focusing on efectivness of mass production, targeting to decrease production cost in a production line with the new technologies.

Our services:
  • speeding up, optimalization of production processes (BPR)
  • development of production lines for product part
  • construction of a new product/part with a new inovative technology
  • reconfiguring of manufacture machines, equipment
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